The Peace of Paper

Origami Flowers


Learn origami in a relaxing atmosphere and enjoy the meditative folding experience. As you go through the process, you will find that your focus on folding will clear your mind. Unwind as you learn new skills under the instruction of experienced artist,art therapist and art educator, Eileen Holzman. Origami is suitable for any age and no previous experience is necessary.

As an art therapist and art educator I have noticed that children who learn through multisensory, multidimensional techniques develop and expand oral expression, auditory and visual memory skills, visual-motor proficiency, and receptive and expressive language skills as they participate in an enjoyable paper-folding activity.

Get Your House in Order I

Fun Folding with Origami
This activity allows students to become active participants as they fold many colors, sizes and shapes of two dimensional paper into three dimensional shapes. They gain understanding of shapes because they are manipulating the patterns and forms while becoming familiar with the sequencing of the folds. Social skills are being built as students communicate with others while they fold their models. I have encountered enthusiasm and interest from both students and teachers for origami because it has shown its benefits as a unique, exciting and stimulating educational tool that will enhance your programs and foster student growth.

About the Artist
Eileen Holzman, MA, ATR is a veteran art educator since she has taught art in the public schools in NJ for 30 years from kindergarten to high school age students. She was awarded the “Governor’s Award for Excellence in Education” during her career and guided classroom teachers through creative workshops both in her school system and NJ state annual teacher conventions. As a registered art therapist she has gained understanding and knowledge about students with special emotional and physical needs and utilized her skills throughout her teaching career.
After moving here in ’06 she has taught after-school programs in Sandy, Damascus and led origami programs in Multnomah library system. In the fall of ’08 she worked with the students at the Hood River Valley High School to produce a 6-part mural for the Providence Hood River Hospital for the new addition.

Get Your House in Order II

Get Your House in Order II (detail)

Get Your House in Order III